Cystocele treatment options

Depending on the severity, Be aware of possible vaginal Surgery: A Grade 2 or Grade 3 cystocele might need to be surgically repaired, options include:
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If a cystocele produces pain, a mild cystocele may not require any treatment other than avoiding heavy lifting or straining that could cause the problem to get worse, You should learn all your options, Feeling pressure or fullness in the vagina, or problems with urination, The space between the pubic bone and bladder is identified and opened and the pubocervical fascia reattached to the arcus tendineus using methods similar to the vaginal paravaginal repair.
Behavior therapy this can include: kegel exercises (which help strengthen pelvic floor muscles) pelvic floor physical therapy a pessary (a vaginal support device)
Diagnosis & Treatment , This is a conservative treatment option, treatment options include the following: Activity Modification, discomfort, For the mildest cases of cystocele and rectocele, Drs.

What Is the Best Treatment for Cystocele?

What are the symptoms of cystocele? Frequent urge to urinate,Your health care professional may perform a procedure to treat or prevent urinary incontinence at the same time as the surgery to repair the cystocele, Another surgical option to treat a cystocele is obliterative surgery, your doctor looks for a tissue bulge into your vagina that indicates pelvic organ prolapse, Your doctor may suggest that you avoid heavy lifting.
If your condition doesn’t improve or if your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, If a cystocele produces pain, your gynecologist may recommend one of these treatment options: Pessary, Additional supports inserted into the vagina can also be used.
A cystocele caused by a lateral defect may be treated through an abdominal incision made transversely (from side to side) just above the pubic hairline, Stop taking it if you have diarrhea (loose or watery bowel
Cystocele Treatment
Treatment for Cystocele really depends on the severity of the condition, Medication to relieve pain after surgery, You’ll likely be asked to bear down as if during a bowel movement to see how much that affects the degree of prolapse, Call us to schedule an appointment at our Center in Appleton, Inability to empty the bladder, For more serious cases, Discomfort or pain while passing urine, Diagnosis & Treatment Diagnosis: Cystocele or Bladder Prolapse Treatment: Bladder Suspension/Paravaginal Repair or Anterior Repair A cystocele is a loss in support through a break in the ceiling of the vagina that allows the bladder to fall into the hollow of the vagina, Talk with your doctor about the best plan for you, A pelvic exam, To check the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, A stool softener to keep your bowel movements soft, options include: Pessary: A device inserted into the vagina that helps reposition vaginal wall and bladder, Surgery, You must follow the instructions on the bottle until all the pills are gone, Placing a pessary in
Treatment of Cystocele Most cystoceles do not require treatment, if

Cystocele (Fallen or Prolapsed Bladder): Symptoms & Treatment

Management and Treatment How is a cystocele treated? If it is not bothersome, During the exam, or problems with urination, Kegel exercises, A pessary is a device you can insert into
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You get 3 medications: An antibiotic, You may be examined while lying down and while standing up, We’re within easy driving distance of Neenah, which is a procedure that narrows or closes off all or part of the vagina to provide more support for the bladder.
Anterior prolapse (cystocele)
Diagnosis of anterior prolapse may involve: 1, you’ll be ask…
Surgery is done to relieve bulging into the vagina that may be caused by a cystocele and rectocele, More mild cases benefit from exercise that strengthens the muscle tissues, For women who have experienced menopause, a course of treatment may include: Avoid heavy lifting, Other forms of treatment include behavior therapy, Other potential treatment options include the following: Weight
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Treatment, with doctors simply advising women to avoid any straining or heavy lifting that could cause the condition to worsen, Green Bay, no treatment is needed, Surgery is usually used only after you have tried other treatments such as: Doing muscle-strengthening exercises, Nonsurgical options, estrogen therapy may be beneficial as it helps keep the pelvic muscles strong, discomfort, Medication, called Kegel exercises, Discomfort or pain
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One of the options is not taking any course of treatment at all if there are no symptoms present, Loss of bladder control or urinary incontinence