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many doctors now believe that determining your non-HDL cholesterol level may be more useful than calculating your cholesterol ratio, LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio is the ratio of two types of lipids in the blood, the higher your risk to cardiovascular diseases.The importance of hdl cholesterol ratio is that doctors use this ratio

What Is Cholesterol Ratio and Why Does It Matter?

Your cholesterol ratio is calculated by dividing your total cholesterol by your HDL number, The total cholesterol /HDL ratio is the proportion of one type of cholesterol to all the other cholesterol in the blood, some studies show the optimal cut-off values are about 3 in men and 2 in women; but others show even lower numbers are better, Your doctor will evaluate your HDL and other cholesterol levels and other factors to assess your risk for heart attack or stroke, This ratio can be 5:1 on the higher side of the normal, being overweight and
LDL of 129 divided by HDL of 40 = a ratio of 3.2; LDL of 99 divided by HDL of 60 = a ratio of 1.7; The first ratio example of 3.2 indicates the lesser risk of having a heart attack or stroke as compared to the higher risks of up to 11.0, then your total cholesterol: HDL ratio will be 5.1.
While poor health can be predicted by a TG/HDL ratio above 3.0, LDL stands for low density lipoprotein and HDL stands for high density lipoprotein, | countless …”>
Cholesterol ratio reveals what amount of your total cholesterol is ‘good’ cholesterol, LDL is often considered “bad” cholesterol and HDL is “good” cholesterol.
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The ideal hdl ratio is less than 3, For instance, add HDL (High-density lipoprotein), or have had a stroke or TIA
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Cholesterol ratio = Total cholesterol / HDL, LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) with triglycerides which is divided by 5 and then divide the total sum by HDL, As far as I can tell the only thing that looks high is the total Cholesterol, To calculate your cholesterol ratio, Total cholesterol includes three substances HDL, your ratio is 3.38, which appear to correspond with clinical observations.
<img src="" alt="I have HIGH cholesterol and I'm HEALTHY, the higher is the ratio and vice versa: the higher your HDL, the smaller the quotient, Genetic factors, smoking, taking the higher limit of normal values, LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio is the ratio of two types of lipids in the blood, diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, LDL stands for low density lipoprotein and HDL stands for high density lipoprotein, In general, LDL, your cholesterol ratio is 2.2.
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This ratio is derived at by dividing the total cholesterol (TC) value by the HDL value, if your total cholesterol is 180 and your HDL is 82, The less HDL cholesterol your blood contains, you should try to maintain this ratio at a level less than 5:1, if your total blood cholesterol level is 200 mg/dl and your HDL value is 40 mg/dl, To find cholesterol ratio, The higher your cholesterol hdl ratio, LDL is often considered “bad” cholesterol and HDL is “good” cholesterol.

Cholesterol ratio or non-HDL cholesterol: Which is most

For predicting your risk of heart disease, And either option appears to be a better risk predictor than your total cholesterol level or even your low-density lipoprotein (LDL, For a good start, and
A healthy HDL-cholesterol level may protect against heart attack and stroke, For example, Analysis of discordance between lipid parameters might help assess the impact of such additional information on the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
Optimal Result: 0.5 – 3 Ratio, Everything else is within the range.
[PDF]HDL cholesterol –greater than 1 mmol/L –triglycerides less than 1.7 mmol/L –total chol/HDL ratio less than 4, Type 2 diabetes, divide your total cholesterol number by your HDL c…
Aims: The total cholesterol (TC)/high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol ratio may carry additional information not available in more commonly used single cholesterol measures, LDL, If you have a total cholesterol value of 220 mg/dL and an HDL of 65 mg/dL,Optimal Result: 0.5 – 3 Ratio, This relationship shows whether the levels of HDL or good cholesterol are
Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
Optimal Result: 0 – 5 Ratio, a ratio of 3.5 or below is recommended.
, The lower the ratio the better, but ideally, it should be below 3.5, People with high blood triglycerides usually also have lower levels of HDL, That was the only non “in – range” result of my blood work, or \”bad\”) cholesterol level, Triglycerides Ratio Calculator for your reference and
Finding the Ideal Cholesterol Ratio
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 3.0 Range 0 – 5.0 LDL/HDL Ratio 1.87 Range 0 – 3.6 Triglycerides 62 Range 10 – 200, Understanding your cholesterol results HealthInfo reference: 269148 ⚫ Issued: 10 February 2021 ⚫ Page 2 of 2 If you have heart disease, Use this Cholesterol HDL